How to buy Blackbytes using's orderbook

By @pauljmurray

Download Obyte wallet

Visit and download a wallet. For buying Blackbytes we recommend using a desktop wallet (Windows, Mac or Linux).

Click the downloaded installation file to install the Obyte wallet

Once the Obyte wallet is installed and running, open the main menu


Select the 'Bot Store' tab

Select the 'Blackbyte Exchange (Semi-trustless)' option

Click 'ADD BOT'

This will add the bot to your Obyte wallet

Click the 'book' link to display the current order book

Click 'show all' to display the whole order book

Scroll up the page to view the current Blackbyte sell offers

Click on the order you wish to buy

In this example we will select 'Sell Order 1'

Click the 'payment request' link


In order to send the payment you need to have enough Bytes in your Obyte wallet

Wait for the delivery of Blackbytes

Your Blackbytes will be delivered to the Blackbyte section of your wallet which you can access from the 'HOME' tab. Inside the Obyte wallet Blackbytes are listed as 'GBB'. Remember to keep the wallet open until the Blackbytes are delivered. Delivery usually happens within 1 hour.